Establishment of the Masjid

The organization has realised the need to establish this Islamic centre in Florida, Gauteng, South Africa, for the Muslim Community of Florida and the surrounding areas. We hope that Allah (SWT) will make things easier for the Muslim community by bringing a Mosque closer to them.

Rasulullah SAW said, “Make things easy to people, and do not make it difficult, bring glad tidings and do not scare them away”. Surely, the news of a Mosque in this area should be glad tidings and also bring joy to all Muslims.

The progress in securing the land for this Mosque, portrays so much bounties and blessings from period Allah Rasulullah said, “Allah loves to see the signs of His bounties on His servants”. This project and everything in it is a great bounty from Allah upon us, Al’hamdulillah.

We request the support and duaas of all. Allah says in the Holy Qur-aan: “Who is he that will lend Allah a goodly loan, so that He may increase it manifold…”

We praise and thank Allah for blessing us, to serve our great religion, Al-Islam, in this immeasurable form of a gift from Allah .

May Allah bless and reward all those whom he has chosen to be a part of this gift, the young and old, the rich and the poor, those in the forefront and those who are hidden.

May Allah grant them and their families goodness and blessings, and grant them all success in the hereafter.

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